Happy New Year 2017!!

I am running a contest! Guess the number of shampoos I will do during this year! The winner will receive a free shampoo collaboration DVD OR a months membership to LongHairDivas.Com, and the journal I will be keeping to document the shampoos for 2017. 

This contest is open to ADULTS ONLY!!! 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER! 

Here's how to submit your entry:

Go here: ENTER THE CONTEST & click on "Send Message" and fill in all of the blanks. I will need to know your name (or nickname), and the number of shampoos you would like to enter as your guess. You can change your submission at any time. The person closest to or who exactly guesses the number of shampoos (without going OVER) will be deemed the winner.  In the event of a tie, I will put all of the tying contestants names into a hat and pick a winner. 

PLEASE USE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS! I WILL be responding to each submission to confirm validity of the email. If you are indeed the winner, this will be how you are contacted, so please make sure it's a valid email address and that you have typed it in correctly. If the email I send you bounces back, your submission will not be entered into the contest. 

Thank you for your interest and send me those guesses!!!!

LongHairHugs and Kisses